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Tech Tips
1.     To help your cars grip in the corners, always try to keep he track clear of any

2.     To improve handling in the turns, remove all 4 tires from their rims.  Squeeze
     out a bead about the size of a pea of moisturizing lotion (choose one with little to no oil, I use "Lubriderm").
     Thoroughly massage and rub the a bead of lotion into each tire until the lotion has been                      completely absorbed.  Then mount tires back on rims.  This can be done anytime the rubber
     tends to feel slick.

3.      For cars that are going to be somewhat abused/treated roughly, one of the weakest points, is
      the motor wire attachment to the 'Digital' chip.  Simply place a very small dab of clear silicone
      at the base of the wires to help to hold them in place.  Be careful, as it is very easy to go
      overboard.  Use too much and the warrenty could be voided as the tech can't remove the glue.
The 'Digital' slot car track that comes to you!
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The 'Digital' slot car track that comes to you!